Reichelt PortraitMark Reichelt and his wife, Connie, started converting their 3000-acre Reichelt Farm and Ranch operation to organic production in 1998, beginning with an 80-acre field. By 2005 they were 100% organic. “I am motivated to produce organically primarily because of the long-term sustainability of the practice (limited or no inputs), and because of the health threats associated with farm chemicals to me and my family, as well as to the consuming public,” says Mark. Connie, who is a health care provider by profession, is well aware of the health benefits of organic production, and the increased rates of cancer among conventional farmers over the general public.

Reichelt Cattle
Mark finds organic farming to be more fun and more challenging than its conventional counterpart. He finds it gratifying to produce products free of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. He has selected good genetic stock for his cattle operation (certified black Angus) that produce lean, high quality grass finished meats. He also grows high quality organic cereal grains.
Reichelt “We love our life here in Montana’s Golden Triangle, raising our two daughters in a healthy environment of clean air and water,” Mark says. “I have peace of mind knowing that they are not being exposed to residual chemical pesticides and herbicides on the ranch. I feel fortunate to have a career that I enjoy, and good health that I intend to share with others through the manner in which I grow their food.”