Salisbury PortraitKinkeye Limited is a low-input family farm, and has been since Russ Salisbury starting working the original 40 acres over 50 years ago. Since then it has grown to 8,000 acres, all of which has been 100% certified organic by MDA and Demeter (Biodynamic) since 1989.



With the Missouri River cutting through it, this picturesque ranch claims some history, too. Salisbury Cattle pastureThe Lewis & Clark Expedition came right through this land just before they portaged around the Great Falls, with Merriweather Lewis purportedly camping here while exploring the area.



The farm is presently actively inhabited by Russ and Elsie; Rowdy, the border collie, 12 cats, the cows, deer, predators, trees, grass, grains, water, soil and air which sometimes all congealSalisbury Cattle by the river into community and love. Their goal is to do the least damage to the Earth and still have a fulfilling life. On why he raises grassfed beef, Russ says, “Why would we want to ruin a perfectly good, healthy product by sticking it in a feedlot and feeding it grain? I wouldn’t eat that stuff. Why force it on the rest of the world?”

In addition to beef, Russ and Elsie raise lentils, feed peas, barley, wheat, spelt, flax, gray millet, white millet, and seed crops. This biodiversity speaks loudly to Salisbury CattleRuss’s philosophy on agriculture. “When I threw away my ag education and management practices and started listening to, and learning from nature, my farming operation became more productive and easier,” he says. “When you try to improve on nature, you end up working against it instead. You can’t improve on nature!”