Goldhahn PortraitLocated on the rich soils of the Gallatin Valley in Montana, C-5 Organics is a bit of heaven on earth. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and nourished by Reese Creek, C-5 Organics boasts wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities galore. Brian Goldhahn managed the ranch for seventeen years before he started leasing it himself several years ago. Half of its 2200 acres are under organic management with the balance to follow shortly.



Goldhahn with CattleBrian believes in the strength of biodiversity in farming systems. And he pays off his belief in innovative and sustainable practices by regularly hosting educational farm tours, and providing a venue for sustainability workshops for local and regional environmental and ecologically-minded groups. He grows various legume grass mixes, barley, oats, triticale, camelina, hay, and pasture in addition to a cow/calf/yearling operation and custom grazing. “I believe grazing and farming complement each other,” says Brian. He’s been managing the ranch using sustainable farming practices for many years, and has been certified organic since 2003. “It’s a way of life,” he says. “Healthy land and happy cattle result in great tasting beef!”

Goldhahn CattleBrian and his wife, LaVerne, and three sons love the ranch life and believe in the contribution they’re making to our food system. “There is no better life for my sons to grow up in than this one,” Brian concludes.
Goldhahn Cabin