Smith Family PortraitAspen Island LLC, The 2500-acre ranch in South Central Montana was in a fairly run-down state when purchased by Mark and Jane Smith in 2006. “We have been rebuilding it and improving it to take full advantage of its unique characteristics,” says Mark.





Smith GoatsAfter experiencing toxic mold poisoning from their home in Reno, Nevada, Lyme disease, and other health challenges, Mark and Jane embarked on an educational journey which revealed the hazards of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, and the myriad of food additives needlessly placed in American foods.

Smith Cattle





This journey led them to the decision to become part of the solution by becoming practitioners of sustainable farming practices as certified organic cattle producers. “Both Jane and I have ranching in our families’ pasts, so ranching is not completely new to us,” Mark said, “just new as a way to make a living.”

Smith childTogether with their three sons, they are enjoying the ranch lifestyle and a deeper relationship with God. “We want to manage Aspen Island sustainably and organically, anticipating the time when the small aspen patches we have planted become tall and old,” Mark continued. “To do this, grazing must be carefully monitored and used to help the landscape thrive. We look forward to watching our family and ranch grow together. Our boys love to spend hours in the fields, corrals, and barns exploring and discovering. Someday we hope to have grandchildren exploring and growing here as well.”