Riding down the road on the Alderspring RanchIn the high mountain pastures of the Pahsimeroi Valley, Idaho lies the 1500-acre Alderspring Ranch. Owned and operated by Glenn Elzinga, his wife Caryl and their seven daughters, Alderspring Ranch’s beef cattle benefit from cool summer nights, a web of natural springs and creeks crisscrossing the ranch, native grasses grown on mineral-rich soils, and the tender, careful stewardship of the Elzinga family.
Elzinga FamilyGlenn left his day job as a forester, and Caryl left her job to begin her own ecological consulting firm as their family grew so they could be more available to the important task of nurturing their family. “We believe raising children on a ranch is a valuable gift to our daughters: one that includes clean air, water, and food; learning the meaning of hard work; developing relationships with animals and the land; and a chance to work side by side with their parents,” says Caryl. To them, grassfed beef is more than simply “trendy”… they believe it is the right thing to do, positively impacting people’s health, the environment and wildlife habitat, while strengthening farm communities and fostering respectful animal stewardship.

Checking the hayOrganic certification occurred in 2005. Glenn says, “Organic certification was a natural for us because we were already ranching in a way that could be certified—it was and is because we believe that this model of agriculture is better for the land, the cattle, and us. It is a sustainable model for all involved—even for wild animals that we share this landscape with.”
Glenn and his family have been operating Alderspring Ranch since 1992. “Next to raising our family,” adds Glenn, “this is our passion as well as our profession.”


Working cows on the Alderspring Ranch